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Have a look through the gallery to see what’s been happening at Community Kitchen.

10425147_804307906302792_518254992534789582_n   1924731_658342657565985_121953565_n 1924731_658342657565985_121953565_n IMG_2958 IMG_2937 IMG_2934 IMG_2932 IMG_2928 IMG_2926 20140521_174029 20140521_173851 20140521_173838 20140521_173828 IMG_2801 IMG_2796 IMG_2794 IMG_2790 IMG_2787 IMG_2783 IMG_2781 IMG_2779 IMG_2776 IMG_2771 IMG_2770 IMG_2762 IMG_2760 IMG_1415 IMG_1414 IMG_1413 IMG_1412 IMG_1439 IMG_1435 IMG_1434 IMG_1433 Bunny ears 5 Bunny ears 4 Bunny ears 2Bunny ears 1Movie Night! Everyone dressed up in their favorite pajamas and we watched a movie on the big screen.  Afterwards, each child received a new pillow and made their own pillowcase.Easter egg 2Easter egg 3 Easter egg 1 IMG_0099Monsanto994943_596568157076769_1071792891_n Our Services Wednesday Night Dinner home_community_kitchen Community Kitchen Community Kitchen 1924731_658342657565985_121953565_n